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Got a talk idea for THE Eleventy Meetup? We want to hear it!

Submit your idea via our SHORT and sweet Google form. Your responses are not public and will only be shared with the organizers.

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If we schedule your talk, we'll send you a second form to get your final talk title, description, and public info about you later.


Topics can be about Eleventy itself or supporting skills like template engines, deploying, build processing, etc.

We like talks on the shorter side (15-30 minutes) so that we can have multiple speakers at a meetup. We also want to balance beginner and advanced talks, so all ideas welcome!

First time speakers welcome!

We'll balance it all out with more veteran speakers. Nervous about speaking? We can help mentor you along the way. Just ask!

Code of conduct

Note that all speakers, participants, sponsors, attendees, onlookers, etc. must abide by our Code of Conduct. We strive to be a welcoming, anti-oppression community.