Ep. 10: Static JSON API's with Jadon Naas

In this months episode, we're joined by Jadon Naas to show us how to create static JSON API's with Eleventy!

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Cut the CRUD with a Static JSON API

Learn how to use Eleventy to create a static JSON API for other applications to consume. Static JSON APIs can be a great way to expose data for other apps to consume without having to build, maintain, and serve a backend application or database to Create, Read, Update, or Delete (that is, CRUD) the data. This approach is a good fit for data that needs to be occasionally updated but always available for consumption.

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Jadon is a Senior Product Engineer at OpenMetal.io. Jadon currently works with designing and engineering custom cloud infrastructure using OpenStack. He has worked with JavaScript for 6 years in personal and professional capabilities, most notably using JavaScript and Node.js to build a website performance-testing-as-a-service application stack. After obtaining an undergraduate Philosophy degree and a short, successful career in hospitality, Jadon started professionally in technology in entry-level technical support and has worked through various technical and management roles. He is a second-degree taekwondo black belt and a team representative for the WordPress.orgHosting Community team. He lives in southeastern Virginia.