Ep. 14: Community and Caching

Join us for two great talks about the Eleventy community and caching data with Eleventy Fetch.

Eleventy and the Power of Community

Eleventy fosters engagement and through this engagement, you meet new people and become a better member of the community. Dante will discuss what the Eleventy community has meant to him, and how it makes Eleventy special! Get excited for this Eleventy hype session!

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I am passionate about creation, be it code or written. I believe that knowledge should be shared. If we all gave a little bit of our time to helping the each other, the world would be a better place.

My days are spent either trying to solve an issue I've encountered (which forms the basis for my articles), reading/listening to something, or on client work.

Fetching and Caching Data from Airtable in Eleventy

Airtable is a tool that is like a cross between a spreadsheet and a relational database. It's great for storing lists of things that you might want to categorize, group, and filter in many different ways. It also has a robust API, so you can use Airtable as a CMS for your Eleventy site! In this talk, I'll show you how I've combined the Airtable.js library with the Eleventy Fetch plugin to display my reading list on my site. We'll be manually storing data in the cache, which the docs say you probably won't need to do. Come find out why I'm doing it anyways!

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Cassey is a junior partner at Unabridged Software, specializing in front-end web development and accessibility. Cassey's home on the web is https://www.cassey.dev/. She believes Carhenge in Alliance, Nebraska is the most wonderful place on Earth.