Ep. 15: Intelligent indexing and now pages

Join us for two great talks about intelligent indexing with CloudCannon's PageFind library and now pages.

Intelligent indexing: searching rich content with Pagefind

A common challenge in the lean web is providing a search interface on your static site. It can be difficult to produce both your static site and a separate representation of your content for search without reproducing your site’s logic itself — how do you index the content passed into shortcodes in your Markdown? Or content generated by your layout? This talk covers Pagefind’s alternative approach to indexing, and how this bottom-up control allows your templates to describe how they should be indexed without a central configuration.

Liam Bigelow (he/him) Website Mastodon

Liam Bigelow is a Senior Software Engineer at CloudCannon, where he leads development projects relating to open-source tooling for static websites. His current major projects are the static search tool Pagefind, and the component development workflow Bookshop (Hugo, Eleventy, Jekyll, and SvelteKit). He also enjoys writing gnarly unit tests for his colleagues.

How I built my Now page

A look at how I built my own "now" page (https://nownownow.com/about) in Eleventy. It includes multiple different activities, each with it's own strategy in terms of how I added it, how often it updates, and so forth.

Raymond Camden (he/him) Website Twitter

Raymond Camden is a Senior Developer Evangelist for Adobe. He works on the Acrobat Services APIs to build powerful (and typically cat-related) PDF demos. He is the author of multiple books on web development and has been actively blogging and presenting for almost twenty years. Raymond can be reached at his blog (www.raymondcamden.com) or via email at raymondcamden@gmail.com.