Ep. 16: WebC - Return of the Components

Is WebC ready for production development? Join us to listen to two perspectives and use cases to help you and your team make that decision!

Whether your need an environment to test components, or you're unsure if how they stack up against web components, you won't want to miss our September meetup!

WebC: Prerelease, Promise, and Pitfalls

One developer's experience with 11ty's fresh new WebC templating language. How is it migrating from Nunjucks? How well does it work with Web Components technologies? Does it play nice with other tools? Is it ready to adopt at work?

Benny Powers Website Mastodon

I'm Benny Powers, a web developer from Jerusalem. On weekdays, I make web components and related tools for Red Hat.

Eleventy Style Guide Generator

WebC templating introduces first-class components to Eleventy, with this exciting addition it’s also important to consider how we develop, test, and document the components we build. The Eleventy Style Guide Generator was built for this purpose, to offer a simple and equally first-class tool to automate some of that process. We’ll share how this tool got started, demo how it’s being used on some production sites, and peek into some of the more novel bits that pull it all together.

Steve Woodson (he/him) Website

Steve is a CPACC certified full stack Web Application Developer with over 20 years of industry experience architecting, developing, and managing web applications. His background runs the spectrum from visually engaging promotions managing millions of entries to complex CMS integrations powering dozens of websites around the world. With a focus on accessibility, automation, design systems, and open source technologies, he’s dedicated to solutions that can stand the test of time.