Ep. 17: Blog rolls and the 11ty trivia quiz

This month, we're changing things up with a talk about building your own 11ty-powered blog roll with Ben Myers. Then Sia Karamalegos will host our very first 11ty trivia quiz with a much sought-after prize.

Showcase Your Favorite Blogs with an Eleventy Blogroll

Blogrolls, or lists of your favorite blogs, are a staple of the Indie Web. At its core, a blogroll only needs to be a list of links, but we can use Eleventy to take the blogroll even further, showcasing each blog's latest posts and more, all while maintaining the performance, robustness, and security of static sites. Join us as we take a brand new Eleventy site from nothing to deployed, regularly updated blogroll in just a few quick minutes.

Ben Myers (they/he) Website Mastodon

Ben Myers is a frontend developer and accessibility advocate, currently building Microsoft's developer documentation platform Microsoft Learn. Additionally, Ben blogs about accessibility and more at benmyers.dev. Previously, they hosted Some Antics, a Twitch show where guests from around web development and web design joined to demonstrate how to build great user experiences for the web in a hands-on way, with a focus on accessibility and/or core web technologies.

The 11ty Quiz

Come join our first ever 11ty trivia quiz! Learn useful and obscure facts about 11ty while bonding with your possum posse. The winner will receive the mystical official 11ty sticker by mail from the man Zach himself.

Sia Karamalegos (she/her) Website Mastodon

Sia is a web dev and performance engineer at Shopify who loves the Jamstack. She's also building a LEGO city and digging a garden.