Ep. 18: Building community and online activity

Join us for two great talks about building a meetup community with global data files and using Eleventy to gobble up online activity.

Building a meetup community site using Global Data Files

Eleventy's Global Data Files combined with the power of template languages enables us to build sites for meetup communities where managing the content requires changing only JSON files – either directly or through a CMS system. In this talk, I'll showcase how I run a couple of meetup community sites powered by Global Data Files.

Juha-Matti Santala (he/him) Website Mastodon

Juhis is a developer community builder, web developer and programming teacher from Turku, Finland. When he's on a computer, he works on all parts of the stack from the backend to the frontend. When he's not on a computer, he's passionate about making tech a welcoming industry for everyone.

Using Eleventy to Gobble Up Everything I Do Online

What if instead of just a blog my website also has my game and lego collection, a media tracking blog, a link blog, a full archive of my mastodon posts, plus webmentions, now page, and everything else in between.

Robb Knight (he/him) Website Mastodon

Maker of web things, Lego builder, sometimes blogger, sporadic pizzaiolo, fortnightly podcaster. Cat dad and human dad.