Ep. 2: 11ty Image and the Creator Economy

This month, Ben Holmes is going to show us how to optimize images with 11ty Image, and Mike Bifulco will tell us about the creator economy and indie web!

Understanding image optimization feat. 11ty image

If you've been building websites for a while, "optimize your images" probably sounds like "eat your veggies." It's good for your website's health, it'll make your SEO big and strong... but resizing, reformatting, and compressing every image by hand doesn't sound appetizing to me 🤢

So we're going to talk easy wins for 1) image format and size optimization with the <picture> element, and 2) automating your process in any JAMstack setup using 11ty's image plugin.

This talk’s based on an in-depth blog post you can find here!

Ben Holmes (he/him) Website Twitter

Ben is a developer - designer - blogger - person exploring how the web works. He’s a full-time web developer at Peloton, a top 500 author on DEV (as of 2019), and LogRocket Blog contributor. In his spare time, he’s usually drowning in Japanese city pop and using whatever framework’s the shiniest

JAM Stack, SSGs, and their role in empowering the creator economy

Tools like Eleventy, Hugo, Gatsby, Svelte, and others have given developers a superpower for quickly developing content-driven, easily manageable web properties. It's an exciting frontier for developers who are also content creators, but for non-technical creators, our favorite toolchains can feel like a labyrinth of indecipherable choices.

In this talk, we'll discuss our role in promoting the creator economy. We'll talk about the opportunity we have as developers in helping to democratize content creation for everyone, and the importance of creating a more robust, archival internet.

Mike Bifulco Website Twitter

Mike Bifulco is a designer, developer, and creator, working in Developer Relations on the Google Assistant team. He's passionate about cycling, espresso, and protecting the environment.