Ep. 3: Getting your bearings and Cloudinary Images

For our third meetup, we have Cassey Lottman showing us how to get our bearings in an existing Eleventy project and Sia Karamalegos showing us she leverages Cloudinary to make image management easier.

Getting Your Bearings in an Existing Eleventy Site

Are you familiar with other static site generators, but not Eleventy? Want to start hacking on a legacy or starter Eleventy project, or one you made yourself several years ago and haven't touched recently? Are you wondering where the important bits are? This talk will highlight core aspects of how Eleventy is configured so you get to work quickly customizing your site. We'll also go over a few things you might have missed if it's been a while since you've tried Eleventy.

Cassey Lottman (she/they) Website Twitter

Cassey is a senior software engineer at Unabridged Software, specializing in front-end web development and accessibility. Cassey's home on the web is https://www.cassey.dev/, though her most important contributions to the Internet primarily host pictures of her cats Soul Patch and Tally. She believes Carhenge in Alliance, Nebraska is the most wonderful place on Earth.

Optimize Images in Eleventy Using Cloudinary

Let Cloudinary make your image management easier! In this talk, we'll show how to set up responsive images in Eleventy using Cloudinary and Eleventy shortcodes. If time permits, I'll also show how I generate social share images using Cloudinary and Eleventy.

Sia Karamalegos (she/her) Website Twitter

Sia is a freelance web developer who loves web performance and the Jamstack. She's also teaching her dogs to talk and painting watercolors.