Ep. 4: 11ty's Instant Preview with 11ty Serverless & "Basic Pattern Repository" Walkthrough

This month we have Knut Melvær building previews with 11ty serverless and integrating with Sanity Studio, and Thomas Michael Semmler walking through the "Basic Pattern Repository".

Summoning the possum: Upgrading the editor experience for 11ty sites with instant preview

One of the challenges with static site generators has been previewing changes before they go live. Especially when they grow large and you need to rebuild the whole site on a staging branch. Nobody got time for that! With 11ty Serverless you can build a preview of a page on-demand in no time. This talk shows how it can be done, and how it can be integrated with Sanity Studio for a smooth editorial workflow.

Knut Melvær (he/him) Website Twitter

Knut's has put HTML on the web for two decades and is still learning how it should be done. Sometimes he writes words between the <p>-tags too. His day job is running developer relations for Sanity.io.

"Basic Pattern Repository" Walkthrough

This impromptu talk is a walkthrough the Basic Pattern Repository. In it, we're showing off some of the awesome things that Eleventy allows us to do, for which we previously would have needed other tools or a webserver, such as creating multiple different SVG Files from collections.

Thomas Michael Semmler (he/him) Website Twitter

Thomas is a CSS developer, designer & counsellor in training under supervision from Vienna, Austria.