Ep. 6: Async Shortcodes and Serverless E-commerce

David East will show us how async shortcodes work and Sia will preview how all the pieces would fit together for a serverless e-commerce site.

Is 11ty actually a JavaScript framework?

11ty gives us the Data Cascade to preload data for templates. It's a simple process: store data, template data. There's a catch though. You have to know all the data you need ahead of time. But what about data that may come in on demand? What if instead of building a large manifest of variables in the Data Cascade, you could fetch data within a template and render the result? That's where async shortcodes come into play. 11ty's async shortcodes follow a component like API. You can fetch data within the template and use the result to render your content. All without any knowledge of the Data Cascade. This talk is going to go over how shortcodes work and how to build one. It's gonna be an awesome time! There's going to be tons of code and cake... okay probably just code. Come join!

David East (he/him) Website Twitter

David East has been a Developer Advocate at Firebase since it was a small startup back in 2014.

Architecting an Eleventy serverless e-commerce site

A lot of e-commerce solutions exist, but many of them charge a monthly fee. How could we build a site with the lowest hosting costs possible?

Sometimes the biggest challenge is coming up with an architecture that will work. In this talk, I will show you how I'm building an Eleventy shop for digital downloads using Stripe, Netlify, Sendgrid, and AWS. It's a sneak peek for a longer series where we will go step-by-step in the build.

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Sia is a web dev and performance engineer at Shopify who loves the Jamstack. She's also building a LEGO city and digging a garden.