Ep. 7: Structuring 11ty Projects and Rendering RSS Content

In this month's event, we're learning how to use eleventy to show content from RSS feeds from Raymond Camden, and we'll learn from Jérôme Coupé about structuring eleventy projects!

Structuring 11ty Projects

Eleventy being its usual flexible self, does not enforce strong conventions as to how projects should be organised. In this talk, we'll go through the standard files and folders architecture I settled upon, in an attempt to preserve my own sanity when jumping from one codebase to another.

Jérôme Coupé (he/him) Website Twitter

Front-end designer / developer / teacher from Brussels, Belgium

Including RSS Content in your 11ty Site

In this session, Raymond will demonstrate how to add content from an RSS feed into your Eleventy site.

Raymond Camden (he/him) Website Twitter

Raymond Camden is a Senior Developer Evangelist for Adobe. He works on the Acrobat Services APIs to build powerful (and typically cat-related) PDF demos. He is the author of multiple books on web development and has been actively blogging and presenting for almost twenty years. Raymond can be reached at his blog (www.raymondcamden.com) or via email at raymondcamden@gmail.com.