Ep. 9: Automatic syndication and Wordle on the edge

This month we're excited to have Nick Taylor show us how he does automatic syndication using Eleventy and Dev.to as a CMS. Also Ben Myers is back to show how they cloned Wordle using 11ty and edge functions!

Automate syndication and ownership of your content with Eleventy

I use dev.to as a headless CMS. We'll go through how I pull in my articles, transform and cache them, and how to sync links for Hashnode and dev.to with my own posts. We'll also touch on GitHub actions as well as deploying to Netlify.

Nick Taylor (he/him) Website Twitter

I am a Staff Software Engineer at Netlify, working on the ecosystem team, ensuring your favourite frameworks deploy seamlessly on our platform. I also stream on Twitch.

I am a big fan of TypeScript, JavaScript, Node, and all things frontend. Aside from programming, I enjoy contributing to open source, hitting the gym, snowboarding, and rugby a long time ago.

Wordle on the Edge

Eleventy's latest canary builds have introduced Eleventy Edge, a way to leverage Edge Functions in our site to transform our pages at request time at the servers closest to our users… and Ben has recently used this to build a Wordle clone that serves zero clientside JavaScript. Join us as we see how it was done and what Ben learned along the way!

Ben Myers (they/he) Website Twitter

Ben Myers is a frontend developer and accessibility advocate. Ben blogs about accessibility at benmyers.dev, and hosts a weekly Twitch stream called Some Antics, which focuses on building great user experiences, with an emphasis on accessibility and core web technologies.