Ep. Lucky 13: Adding social content and webmentions

This month we have two presentations that promote joining the Indie Web by adding your social content to your 11ty site plus adding webmentions to like and comment across the web!

Building a performant /now page using 11ty

A start to finish discussion on leveraging 11ty, Vercel, GitHub actions and a variety of social APIs to build an automatically updating /now page for your site.

Cory Dransfeldt (he/him) Website Mastodon

Cory is a web developer focused on front end technology, automation and performance. When he's not writing code he's spending time with his family or looking for his next favorite death metal band.

Join the Indie Web with Eleventy and Webmentions

Webmentions are an exciting standard which help enable the IndieWeb. We can own our own content, hosted on our own domains, without sacrificing social connection and replies with other people!

Sia Karamalegos (she/her) Website Mastodon

Sia is a web dev and performance engineer at Shopify who loves the Jamstack. She's also building a LEGO city and digging a garden.