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You don't!

We weren't interested in the corporate idea of collecting registration information. Instead, we share the zoom link via the calendar event, in an event on our public calendar, in an email on the day of, and in the 11ty discord on the day of.

Past Events

Ep. 10: Static JSON API's with Jadon Naas

In this months episode, we're joined by Jadon Naas to show us how to create static JSON API's with Eleventy!

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Ep. 9: Automatic syndication and Wordle on the edge

This month we're excited to have Nick Taylor show us how he does automatic syndication using Eleventy and as a CMS. Also Ben Myers is back to show how they cloned Wordle using 11ty and edge functions!

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Ep. 8: State of Eleventy and Panel on Transitioning to 11ty

Tune in to hear Zach's "State of Eleventy" and learn what's new and upcoming for 11ty! We'll also have an incredible panel fielding questions on their experience moving to 11ty from other environments.

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Ep. 7: Structuring 11ty Projects and Rendering RSS Content

In this month's event, we're learning how to use eleventy to show content from RSS feeds from Raymond Camden, and we'll learn from Jérôme Coupé about structuring eleventy projects!

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Ep. 6: Async Shortcodes and Serverless E-commerce

David East will show us how async shortcodes work and Sia will preview how all the pieces would fit together for a serverless e-commerce site.

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Ep. 5: 11ty Serverless Search and the Data Cascade

For December, we have Bryan Robinson showing us how to use 11ty Serverless for search functionality and Ben Myers diving deep into the Data Cascade.

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Ep. 4: 11ty's Instant Preview with 11ty Serverless & "Basic Pattern Repository" Walkthrough

This month we have Knut Melvær building previews with 11ty serverless and integrating with Sanity Studio, and Thomas Michael Semmler walking through the "Basic Pattern Repository".

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Ep. 3: Getting your bearings and Cloudinary Images

For our third meetup, we have Cassey Lottman showing us how to get our bearings in an existing Eleventy project and Sia Karamalegos showing us she leverages Cloudinary to make image management easier.

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Ep. 2: 11ty Image and the Creator Economy

This month, Ben Holmes is going to show us how to optimize images with 11ty Image, and Mike Bifulco will tell us about the creator economy and indie web!

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Hello, World!

Hello, world! In our first edition of the Eleventy Meetup, we're bringing you a talk from our illustrious leader, Zach Leatherman, about the forthcoming Eleventy Serverless. Plus, Mike Aparicio will share about templating languages in a talk focused on helping beginner 11ty devs!

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